We were born in 1985. We’re only in our thirties. We’ve still got it. We’re still as flavoursome as the day we exploded into this world with a ridged BOOM. In fact our mighty, meaty Flame Grilled Steak flavour was first made in all of its steaky glory back in 1985. 

Our crisps are THICK. They’re so thick that the flimsy fryers of this world couldn’t handle them. So back in ’85, we had to invent a whole new cooking process to give our crisps that unmistakable crunch, their irresistible zing and enough thickness to pack in all the flavour. 


We’re the NUMBER 1 ridged crisp on the market*. Not 2, not 7, number 1. Numero Uno. Mr/Mrs Big Crisp. And behind every flavoursome packet of McCoy’s is a flavoursome person. We’ve run marathons as packets of Flame Grilled Steak crisps, raising more money for charity than you can shake a crisp at.


We’ve sent reams of our crisp-fresh packaging to be used to make all sorts of things, even dresses! We’ve seen things that would make you weep. Tears of joy. And those tears would taste awesome.


The truth is, we love crisps. Can’t get enough of them. The irresistible scent of freshly cooked crisps surrounds us every single day, and every single day we strive to make that scent and the flavour that feeds it even better.



* Source: AC Nielsen Total Coverage Value Sales 52 w/e to 16/06/2018